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Approximately 4,000 installations throughout Canada, United States, South America and the Caribbean

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Active Scale Manufacturing Inc. is a privately owned Ontario Corporation with our plant and headquarters located in Brantford, Ontario. Our sales and service offices are strategically located in Brantford, Hamilton, Markham, Orillia and Ottawa to serve our Ontario clients with the supply and installation of any type of weighing device, service, repairs, maintenance, calibration and certification.

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We are the top service provider of weigh scale repairs, calibrations and certifications in Ontario. With a fleet of seven heavy test units and over 20 technicians, we are capable of servicing virtually any weighing device in use. Contact us today to arrange a scale maintenance program.

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We carry a range of weigh scale products and accessories to service the ever-increasing industry need. From truck scales and rail car scales to floor scales and crane scales, we have a solution for your weigh centre challenges.

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We carry a full range of accessories to complement our truck scales, vehicle scales and industrial floor or bench scales. From tall mounts and hanging stairs to side skirts and secondary displays, we have the accessory you need to make your weigh scale operation complete.